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Meet our trusted faculty of advising Elders from nomadic communities around the world. Each Elder represents a perspective and inspiration from a particular topic or theme; storytelling, resilience, agility and leadership.

Richard O’Neill  
United Kingdom

Romany Traveller from birth, Richard is a published author and exceptional storyteller. Take a look at this guardian article that gives a great background on his character and work.

An Iban woman and anthropologist, Welyne talks passionately about the topic of resilience, and what it takes to survive as a community in an environment under threat. Welyne speaks about her work as part of the ‘Faces of Malaysia’ campaign here.

Dr. Welyne Jehom 

Emmanuel Mankura 

A Maasai Senior Elder, Emmanuel is part of a community that connects over 1,000 individuals. He is an incredible speaker and shares stories on change (breaking taboos), leadership and merging tribes. Take a look at his TEDx talk here.

Bolor has a strong base of knowledge on the Mongolian nomadic way of life and has worked with NSB on many occasions to bring this thinking to organisations. She is also a coach and experienced facilitator who speaks on the topic of agility and what it means to lead like a nomad

Bolor Legjeem 

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