What Makes Us different? | Nomadic School oF Business
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Bespoke corporate programmes by the Nomadic School of Business will stretch and challenge teams to transform them into accountable, sustainable, purpose-driven communities. What differentiates our programmes from other approaches is a blend of the following…

A Fresh Worldview

We educate, stretch and inspire attendees to see their environment and team from an entirely fresh perspective. By introducing a nomadic worldview, we help cultivate agility and an attitude that embraces change

Harnessing Wisdom

This programme is not designed to build on the skills of your leaders, rather is it designed to effectively harness the knowledge and wisdom they already have in regards to their business, customers, team and environment

Different Tools, Different Outcomes

We all know we can’t continue to do the same thing and hope for a different result, which is why we bring creative tools and an innovative, artistic approach to workshops, helping your leaders think outside of their daily roles

A Thoroughly ‘Human’ Experience

We place a huge emphasis on the quality of discussions in our programs, providing teams the precious time to open-up and explore possibilities in a ‘natural’ community environment, without checking watches or emails