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Our high-impact 1-day program to achieve clarity on the situation you face today

Duration: 1 Day

Location: Facilities of your choice

Facilitator: 1 NSB Program Director

Recommended number of attendees: 18 – 25, with ideally diverse roles and responsibilities

This high-impact 1-day workshop will enable you to harness the wisdom and insights of your team to align on what you must overcome and pursue to be successful. Blending inspirational keynotes and stories of nomadic communities, with creative and highly engaging tools, we guide your team through a journey to discover the perspectives of their colleagues and widen their perspectives to the need for change.

Results and Outcomes:

Aligned and prioritised challenges to address, challenges to cope with and opportunities to pursue

One visual territory map, created by the whole team, that best represents the current situation

When should I do this with my team?

If you are new to your team, ideally 60+ days into your role

If your team has gone through a difficult time (such as layoffs/resignations, increasing pressure from competitors, failure to meet targets)

If you have recently merged or integrated with another team or organisation

Or if you want to:

Gain a clear picture of the current situation by empowering your team to share their honest ideas and feedback

Boost the motivation of your team with a ‘wake-up-call’ that things need to change

Please register your interest to receive our 2021 brochure. Please contact anthony@nomadicschoolofbusiness.com

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